FloRite Drum Pump


The FloRite can pump a wide range of liquid products and chemicals from IBC (275 Gallon) container.

Only 2 Working Parts

The pump has only 2 working parts – 2 Flap Valves, which do not take any excess load or pressure. There is almost no mechanism to fail, jam or wear out.

Installation of the FloRite Pump into the container

1) Remove the threaded bung seal from the IBC.

2) Find the suitable IBC attachment fitting for the container, and screw into the opening.

3) Insert the shaft of the IBC pump into the Container through the Container Attachment fitting – until the pump comes to rest on the base of the Container.

4) Turn the pump to the position that you wish it to face and screw the Container Attachment Cap to the Container Attachment fitting, until tight.

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Using the FloRite Pump

For best results your pumping method will need to change according to the quantity of fluid required and the viscosity of the liquid being pumped.

It is not necessary to use the full stroke length of the Plunger to make the pump operate efficiently. With more viscose liquids slower steadier strokes are best. If measuring an accurate quantity of liquid, it is recommended that shorter strokes are used.

The Outlet nozzle swivels upwards to prevent any dripping . Do NOT USE THE PUMP when the Outlet Nozzle is pointing up.

Unlocking the Safety Strap

The purpose of the Safety Strap is to restrict the unauthorised persons from using the pump. The manufacturer does not warrant the effectiveness of the Safety Strap nor its locking mechanism in any way.

To release the Safety Strap, simply flip down from the top of the pump.

Additional information

Weight4 lbs
Dimensions45 × 9 × 4 in

5 Gallon, 30 Gallon, 55 Gallon